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Creating 8-Bit style graphics using Photoshop is very easy. It is only three clicks and some very simple maths. Use this step by step guide to take photographs and create 8-bit style graphics for your games.

Step 1:
Load your texture into Photoshop. For this demo we are going to create a 8-bit brick texture.


Step 2:
Select Image > Mode > Indexed Color from the main menu and click OK to flatten layers if asked and OK on the following options box.


Step 3:
Time to work some magic. Select Image > Image Size


Now make sure the lock constraints icon is selected on the left of the width and height values. Then divide the width by 10, so in this case we will change the value of 900 pixels to 90.


Step 4:
Now repeat step 3 but put the width value back to it's original value. In this case we will set it back to 900. Now we have a 8-bit style brick wall. Now click OK.



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