Welcome to Unity Snippets Texture Bank. A resource for developers to use to help create stunning visuals for your games. All textures in the bank are FREE to use for any purpose and are made up of textures created from our teams photographs and royalty free textures we have collected over time. If you see any textures in the bank that you feel should not be there please message us so we can rectify the matter promptly.





How to use The Texture Bank.

Select the catagory from the menu on the left to browse the texture sections. More sections are added all the time and notifications will be placed on the home page and on our social media outlets. 




First select the image of the texture you wish to download. All links show the dimensions of the texture and wherever possible textures have been created as seamless. However if they are not tileable then follow this simple guide to Creating Seamless Textures in Photoshop. Selecting the image will bring the desired texture map up in the browser.





testureBank003STEP 2:

Now simply right-click on the image and Save Inage As.. Save the image to a folder on your computer or straight into your assets folder.

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What's Next

Next up for Unity Snippets is a look at game development articles from across the web...

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