Beginners Guide to Unity


Welcome to the beginners gudie to Unity. This is a great place to start if you are new to Unity or if you have been away for a while and want to refresh the basics. The kind people at Unity Technologies have created a set of video tutorials to help you find your way around the interface as well as coving some of the basic concepts.

2: The Scene View

Operating and Navigating the Scene View, and how to manipulate objects.

6: The Inspector

The Inspector panel, the context sensitive editor of all things in Unity!

7: Build and Player Settings

What happens when you Build in Unity, and what does that even mean! Plus info on his this ties in with the Player settings and Game View resolution.

8: Introduction to the Profiler

The built-in profiler allows us to capture real-time data about our scenes and analyze there performance. In this video, you will be introduced to the profiler and its basic sections.

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What's Next

Next up for Unity Snippets is a look at game development articles from across the web...

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